Wonder Woman


What can I say? For all you classic Wonder Woman fans, Gal Gadot is obviously no Lynda Carter but she brings a fresh new take to the character itself. This hero is rough, tough, uninhibited, and yet sexier than ever before. I’m sure Gadot’s prior Fast & Furious experience as Gisele brought a lot of inspiration to this character.

Granted. She isn’t the classic wonder woman you’re accustom to. If you’re looking for something closer to Lucy Lawless from Xena, this is it. All that raw grit and female empowerment. It’s a real delight. I think I speak for everyone when I say there’s something incredibly sexy about seeing a beautiful woman decked in armor, handling her own with a sword. But honestly producers, if you’re looking to reboot Xena anytime soon, I’d take a look in Gal Gadot’s direction. xena_warrior_princess_lucy_lawless

Back to the film.

I loved the beginning. The characters told the story of Zeus and how he created the Amazons. That was a pretty neat tale. Nice CGI story telling. I also thoroughly enjoyed the sacred paradise filled with super hot, kick-ass, power women. Who wouldn’t want to be trapped on an island like that?

The artistic direction was great. The movie had tons of beautiful imagery. They also based the film during WWI so they accurately depicted the unbalanced duality and monstrosity residing in all human beings, not just their enemies. They even went so far as to reveal the grotesque chauvinism and discrimination towards women and other minorities. Great job DC and Warner Bros.

This is where it gets rocky. This Rendition started off great but seriously dropped the ball in the end. I mean honestly. For majority of the film, Wonder Woman was fighting ordinary german soldiers. While ordinarily this would be fine, for those of us who really wanted to see her bested in a fair fight, it was almost as disheartening as Halle Berry’s Catwoman fighting a cosmetic super villain. maxresdefault (2)We get that they’re women. But can we raise the stakes please. Clearly they can tough it out with their male counterparts and deserve a decent villain from start to finish.

Now granted, some of my disappointment was restored at the end when our superhero met the final boss. However, it would have brought far more excitement if the super villain was revealed a LOT sooner. I was bored to tears before the final ending.


With that said, as much as I enjoyed Gal Gadot and her take on the character, the story itself was lacking and the CGI was a bit tacky. Honestly, if you’re looking for a great story, you’re better off watching the Wonder Woman 2009 Animated Series voiced by Felicity’s Keri Russell.

The only thing that would have made this film better was if I’d came slightly hammered first.

Overall, I’d give this movie a rating of: Beergoggles.


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