Welcome to BustaBlock


Tired of reading rotten tomatoes? Tired of your eyes glazing over the useless, disheartening, although often witty, banter of the professional, stuffy critics who ooze contempt and lack that vital heartbeat that makes us all human? I have good news for you! You’re safe. There are no robots or zombies here! Matter of fact, I’d go Neo meets Rick Grimes on those sons of bitches.

Welcome to BustaBlock. Here we’ll unpack the latest movies to hit the big screen. We’ll discuss everything under the tuscan sun, from the good, the bad, and the ugly. See what I did there? My job is to save YOU from purchasing movie-theatre tickets for what I call, the BIG FLOPS. We’ll provide the best of the best topics as we bridge the gap between the boring film aesthetic, stuffy tea-sipping, crumpet eating critics and your everyday viewer.

Don’t you just hate it when Hollywood inevitably butchers your favorite literary masterpiece? You’re not alone. Drop your favorite or most hated book-inspired movies and we’ll discuss the mishaps, the slips, and all the juicy bits.

Are you a hermit, college dropout home-body who watches cult classic 80’s movies on repeat? Have you ever found yourself quoting Bender from the Breakfast Club, hopping into a time-traveling DeLorean, or holding a boombox over your head outside of a teenage girl’s window? Then never fear (Well..unless she calls the cops). Get ready as we unleash Mash-Up-Mondays and Featured-Fridays. Where I feature one of THE greatest films of all time, or mash up your favorite movies from any genre of your choosing. We got Drama, we got Horror, we got Sci-Fi, Romance, Comedy, and all the kick-ass genres in between. Check daily and even weekly to see if your latest favorite will be featured on our lineup!


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